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Robotic Water Dump

Gently delivers consistent fruit flow, for optimised production.

By accumulating and controlling the incoming bins, the flow of produce into your production is consistent. The empty bins are stacked and transported out, providing buffer for the forklift operator to multi-task with limited risk. The RWD100 will unstack full bins, gentle lower and float the fruit into the flume, then restack the empty, and do it all again. Running consistently at 40 bins per hour, the RWD100 is perfect for most operations.


Hortworx RWD100


400V Three Phase 40A, Air @ 6 Bar

Infeed Height

12 Full bins on Infeed conveyors (including pickup position) and 12 empty bins on Outfeed Conveyors (including place position)


40 bins per hour

Physical Footprint

7m x 7m  (5m Roof Clearance)

Bin Sizes

1000x1000 to 1200x1200 (Best performance at 1200x1200)

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