Growing productivity through smart engineering and simple automation.

At Hortworx, we love to help others. Our aim is to ensure industries have the best opportunity to maximise their production.
Automation is about supporting staff, reducing tedious or dangerous work, letting the robots do what they do best.

Supporting the humans to do what robots cant!

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your business? 

Whether you have an existing plant, a great idea or want to investigate how automation can work for your business, Hortworx can find a solution.

What We Do

With many years spent across industries, from large timber and fruit processing plants, Hortworx can draw upon this experience to provide a smart solution for your needs. We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke solution for your business to enable you to increase your productivity.

Our focus is combining proven engineering and intelligent automation to design whatever is needed to make a job simpler, faster, and smarter.

We keep our designs simple, always looking for the smart solutions to complex problems. We produce products  designed around solid mechanical function, with the minimal automation to complete the process. This means our products are easy to fix and maintain, ensuring they are ready when needed. We’ll work with you to:

  • Understand the problem to be solved
  • Design a solution based on engineering principals
  • Design the technology needed to support the solution
  • Integrate the solution with any already existing quality product from our partners range
  • Build and install the solution for you
  • Offer ongoing support and maintenance so that you are always operational

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