• Rob Elstone

Hortworx, who are we?

With the excitement of getting the Robotic Bin Filler to launch, we've glossed over some pretty fundamental things. What is Hortworx about!

Working within the Post Harvest environment, a lot has changed on the NZ scene. Our local based provider has moved offshore (in simple terms), allowing an influx of other players. This is bringing home a great diversity and range of offers, becoming a buyers market for choice. A challenge associated to this change, has been for local engineering companies to stay involved when entire sheds are being shipped in from overseas.

What is less known, is the struggles within industry to keep up with the changing face of technology, labour shortages, ever increasing production targets, renewed push on Health & Safety, a declining pool of skilled service staff, need I say more? NZ operations are hard and fast, push production through to hit overseas markets. Our requirements from a pack house can differ greatly from other countries, which only supply their local markets throughout a year, dragging their production season out. This makes working within our environment special and often brings out the Kiwi ingenuity to get it done.

That brings us back to Hortworx, our goal is to work with pack houses and move them into the future, with the smart use of automation and integration. We want to understand what our customers need, what hurts them the most and how we can provide support. The RBF is the first, and we have some real game changing products lined up next.

Follow us on our journey, with the official RBF launch happening at Mystery Creek Fieldays Innovation Centre, 12th-15th June. We would love to see you there and discuss how we can help you.


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